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To Protect and Preserve Natural and Scenic Chippewa County Lands.



Landscape Considerations For Our Changing Planet

Annual Meeting of Chippewa Conservancy Will Explore What Will Thrive in The Coming Era

Tuesday May 14, 2019 at 6:30 p.m. at Chippewa Valley Technical College in Chippewa Falls

What does it mean to "protect and preserve natural landscapes" in the era of climate change? Are we preserving a landscape -- whether personal or conservancy space -- if we aren't introducing more resilient species? What the heck does "preservation" mean anymore?

Whether you are facing this question in choosing trees for your back yard or your back 40, it may be time to seriously look at what varieties will thrive in 50 years.

Douglas Owens-Pike will tackle this topic and more at the annual meeting of the Chippewa County Land Conservancy at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, May 14, 2019, at Chippewa Valley Technical College in Chippewa Falls.

Douglas Owens-Pike is a “sustainable landcare trainer” with extensive experience in landscaping and moving landscape design toward more ecologically sustainable solutions. His presentation will look at what research is showing about how our climate is changing and what tree species will be best suited to survive those changes. He is currently building a nursery to propagate the best trees for our new climate at his farm near Wheeler.

“We have to go beyond planting local native diversity,” according to Owens-Pike. “That approach is doomed due to the change already observed and that will likely accelerate.”

Owens-Pike is author of the book Beautifully Sustainable: Freeing Yourself to Enjoy Your Landscape. He operated a landscaping business for many years, and has served as a landscape design trainer.

Chippewa Valley Technical College is at 770 Scheidler Rd, Chippewa Falls, near the intersection of Hwy I and Commerce Parkway (formerly Hwy 178). Directions are at Refreshments will follow the program.

Invasives Cleanup Day at Boyd Nature Park, Saturday, May 11 at 2 p.m.

Join three scout groups and Chippewa Conservancy members and volunteers as they attack the invasive invaders at Boyd Preserve near Lake Wissota east of Chippewa Falls. The event is on Saturday, May 11 from 2 - 4 p.m. The activities will include hand pulling garlic mustard and small buckthorn seedlings as well as cutting larger buckthorn shrubs. The garlic mustard will be bagged for disposal off site. Other trash other litter will also be cleaned up.

This is the second season the scouts have joined the Conservancy for the cleanup. Led by Boyd Park neighbors Richard and Cory Miller and Conservancy's Invasives Coordinator Kathy Mehls, the effort removed a large quantity last year of garlic mustard. Pulling the flowering plants at this time of year pays rewards in that it prevents the plants from creating new seeds to add to the seed bank already deposited in prior years. Also, the plants are flowering and easy to spot at this time of year. It takes many seasons of disciplined plant removal to finally clear an area of plants because of the multi-year viability of the seed.

If you can joining the fun, please register!

Be sure to wear long pants and socks (for tick control) and bring leather work gloves. If you have a hand pruning saw or pruning clippers, bring them as well (label with your name). Also consider your preferred tick strategy, sunscreen, and water.

Boyd Park Nature Preserve is in the Pine Harbor District on the penninsula at Lake Wissota across from the state park. The address is 7780 185th St, Chippewa Falls WI. Once you arrive, please drive past the gathering place on 185th St to the short 77th Ave N, turn in and park at the cul de sac. 

Where is Boyd Preserve?

Building a Legacy, One Landscape At A Time

Chippewa County’s landscape literally underlies all we do. It is the bedrock that defines us as members of the natural community. And like the ground we walk on, we take it for granted every day.

But who has not been inspired or rejuvenated by a walk in the woods? Who has not been aided in recovering in some way?

Do we see land as a commodity belonging to us, as Aldo Leopold says, or as a community to which we belong? Are we preserving its power for those who will follow us?

Chippewa County Land Conservancy is a local non-profit organization that focuses on protecting local natural and scenic landscapes for the benefit of the natural community, which includes both us, and those who follow us, in perpetuity. Come along and see what we’re up to. And join with us on this endeavor.

The Chippewa County Land Conservancy protects and preserves wild and scenic lands in Chippewa County and surrounding areas. The conservancy owns several natural areas which are islands of habitat as well as places for passive recreation and nature study. In addition, the Conservancy helps landowners protect the lands they have protected, into perpetuity.