Chippewa County Land Conservancy Virtual Annual Meeting

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Virtual Annual Meeting

The board has determined that a virtual annual meeting will be held in 2020 instead of the in-person meeting we have typically held. This message is your notice of the meeting combined with the entire contents of the meeting. There are three portions to the meeting: Annual Report, Financial Report, and Election of Directors. 

Don’t miss the Election at the bottom of this page and the link to vote by July 15.
Annual Report Of Our Activities

Our “Annual” Report to members is for the 2019 Fiscal year runs from May 1 to April 30. This will be the last such report, since we have decided to transition to an operating year that ends on December 31, 2020 and subsequent years. Some highlights of 2019:

Krank Preserve was a major focus, including another driveway repair project and a successful Land Trust Days event in August. The attendance was light but respectable, but it garnered a full page color photo feature in the Cornell Courier. We are studying future active land management efforts on part of the preserve.

The Boyd Preserve benefited from a fall invasive species removal project using a contractor following another May workday with two area Scouting groups . Our relationship with Lower Chippewa Invasives Partnership was enhanced by training of our board member and a site visit and recommendations by the program’s director.

Nearly the entire board participated in a workshop for Land Trusts in northwest Wisconsin that looked at future land protection goals and collaboration between area land trusts.

The board made some substantial operational changes in 2019, including moving to updating a committee structure and empowering the committees. The board reduced its meeting frequency to allow for more board interaction. 

The board began exploring questions about the  future organizational structure of the conservancy, asking itself whether the current structure is meeting the conservation needs of our area, and engaging a leading consultant to assist.

Health issues in our leadership caused some temporary juggling of responsibilities, but of course the grand-daddy of all health issues, Covid-19 definitely limited or curtailed our usual activities while enabling some new skills and creative thinking. 

We’ve seen evidence that the impact of Covid-19 on social activity has increased the demand for public outdoor space, and Conservancy properties have filled that niche for some, while providing places of refuge for others. Your support of the Conservancy has contributed toward fulfilling that need in our area. We are honored and grateful to have your continued support.
Financial Report

Our annual financial report as prepared by Treasurer Rosemary Kilbridge shows a current balance in our operating account of $2,839.64. This is the account used to meet current needs.

The Investment accounts (both long and short term) totaled $62,542.88. These funds are in large measure set aside for property defense, funds created to support specific properties, and reserves. The fund grew substantially in 2019 as a result of a generous bequest from the estate of Don Bichner, a life member remembered for his work on the Native Tree Trail in Chippewa Falls’ Irvine Park and numerous other projects.

The total balance on 4/30/2020 was $65,382.52, an increase of $21,938.23 (largely due to the bequest).

Besides the Bichner bequest, we are grateful for contributions of $2,600,74 from memberships and other  gifts, assistance from the Ice Age Trail Alliance Chippewa Moraine Chapter for driveway expenses, and a grant from the Community Foundation of Chippewa County for software.

The financial report can be
downloaded here
Election of Members to the Board of Directors

There are four board member positions expiring this year, and four candidates running to fill them, all of which are the experienced members willing to continue serving.

You can vote to approve re-election of all or some of these directors, or write-in additional candidates
at this page Please vote on or before  Wednesday, July 15, as we will not accept any cast after that date. Only members in good standing are permitted to vote.

VOTE HERE by July 15:

The candidates for the four expired positions are:

Jeff Brown
Barb McNaughton-Bernhardt
Alison Sazama
Dan Simonson