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To Protect and Preserve Natural and Scenic Chippewa County Lands.



Building a Legacy, One Landscape At A Time 

Chippewa County’s landscape literally underlies all we do. It is the bedrock that defines us as members of the natural community. And like the ground we walk on, we take it for granted every day.

But who has not been inspired or rejuvenated by a walk in the woods? Who has not been aided in recovering in some way?

Do we see land as a commodity belonging to us, as Aldo Leopold says, or as a community to which we belong? Are we preserving its power for those who will follow us?

Chippewa County Land Conservancy is a local non-profit organization that focuses on protecting local natural and scenic landscapes for the benefit of the natural community, which includes both us, and those who follow us, in perpetuity. Come along and see what we’re up to. And join with us on this endeavor.

The Chippewa County Land Conservancy protects and preserves wild and scenic lands in Chippewa County and surrounding areas. The conservancy owns several natural areas which are islands of habitat as well as places for passive recreation and nature study. In addition, the Conservancy helps landowners protect the lands they have protected, into perpetuity.