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Polder Preserve

The Polder Preserve was created in 2003 through a donation by Dr. Gordon Polder in memory of his late wife, Susan Kennedy Polder. The 40 acre property is on Larrabee Lake in the Town of Sampson, and consists of open water and a significant bog habitat that dominates the shoreline seen from Hwy 40 across the lake.

A large bog covers the eastern ⅓ of the property. Unusual bog species such as sphagnum moss, leatherleaf, pitcher plant, bog rosemary, and cranberry cover the exposed areas of the bog, while "islands" of spruce and tamarack inhabit slightly drier portions.

The preserve can be explored on snowshoe in winter, and observed from the lake in the summer. The bog does not support trails or regular visitor use, but it can be visited for nature study of the unique environment for those so inclined.  

The Polder Preserve is located in busy recreation area with many visitors and seasonal residents as in addition to the local population. The permanent protection of the unique bog makes it available for nature study and education use, as well as helps maintain the wild landscape that existed before the explosive second home development of recent decades.