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Boyd Nature Park

Boyd Nature Park was created through the vision of the late Evelyn Joas, whose dream was to see the undisturbed woodland permanently protected. The Chippewa County Land Conservancy recently purchased the property with assistance from Wisconsin'­s Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Fund and Chippewa County'­s Land Conservation Fund.

The park is a 24 acre woodland in the Pine Harbor area of Lake Wissota located at the intersection of 183rd and 185th Streets in the Town of Lafayette.

The park will be used for quiet recreation and nature study. Nature trails are planned for the site, but no other development will occur. Together with the nearby Pine Harbor Woods County Park to the south, Boyd Nature Park will create a large wildlife corridor and combined public use area suitable for nature study and contemplation as well as walking, skiing, and snowshoeing.

The park honors the Boyd family that had owned the land and lived in the area since 1917.

"Boyd Nature Park is located in the center of a residential area that is growing rapidly, so the purchase of the land permanently protects a beautiful woodland from the threat of development and provides green space for the community," said Alison Sazama, president of the Conservancy.